Pilot Display

Pilot Display brings ARS to your Mobile Device


Often, it’s suggestions from our awesome customers that inspire us to develop new products and product enhancements. Our free app for the Apple iPhone and iPad, Pilot Display, was born from one such customer request: To give the pilot of the aircraft a better idea of where the Churchill Navigation Augmented Reality System (ARS) operator is looking, what they were looking at, and how to fly to the location.

Pilot Display allows an iPad or iPhone to be wirelessly connected to ARS to provide an identical picture of what the operator is seeing through ARS on the mobile device – but it also does much more!

Pilot Display can show up to three channels of video, such as the ARS screen, raw video from the camera, hoist cam, etc.  It can also provide navigational cues when flying to a location, a point of interest, or a search pattern. The app can be used by pilots, passengers, VIPs, or any other crew members who may be interested in remotely viewing video from ARS or any of the video channels.


Pilot Display Free app by Churchill Navigation

Built-in Flexibility

Pilot Display can operate in three different modes depending on the task being conducted in ARS. These modes are:

  • Marker mode – where Pilot Display will show heading, distance, and arrival time information for the selected marker in ARS.
  • Aircraft-Follow mode – where Pilot Display will direct the crew toward a defined flight path set in ARS.
  • Camera-Follow mode – where Pilot Display will direct the crew toward a defined camera path set in ARS.


All modes feature three layouts depending on how much information the user wants to show on the screen. These modes are:

  • Instrument, where the indicator instruments are isolated against a black background.
  • Overlay, where the indicator instruments are overlayed on top of live video.
  • Video, where Pilot Display shows only the live video from ARS.


Operators can select from multiple video feeds and change from feed to feed by swiping up or down, or by using the Pilot Display menu. Menu options also allow configuration of colors, units of measure, even type of aircraft depicted by Pilot Display.


Pilot Display Full-screen video


The installation process for Pilot Display is very straight forward:

First, you will need to install an aircraft-compatible Wi-Fi router (TPlink or PepWave) and connect it to your ARS unit. Contact Churchill Navigation support for assistance in choosing the appropriate hardware and mounting location.

Second, Churchill Navigation Support will apply a small update to the ARS configuration files. This can be done remotely within a matter of minutes.

Next, download the free Pilot Display App from the App Store and install it on your Apple mobile device.

Lastly, fire up ARS and connect your device to the newly created Wi-Fi hotspot. Open Pilot Display and it will connect and start receiving video and data from ARS automatically.



The Pilot Display app does not collect or store any information about the video or flight data. It does not connect to the internet to transfer data; Its networking is limited solely to receiving the data feed from the ARS unit and displaying it on the iOS device.


Contact us today to learn more or to get started! support@churchillnavigation.com or call (720) 744-3300