Pilot Display: Bringing ARS to your mobile device

Pilot Display: Bringing ARS to your mobile device


Often, it’s suggestions from our awesome customers that inspire us to develop new products and product enhancements. Our new free app for the Apple iPhone and iPad, Pilot Display, was born from one such customer request: To give the pilot of the aircraft a better idea of where the Churchill Navigation Augmented Reality System (ARS) operator is looking, what they were looking at, and how to fly to the location.

Pilot Display allows an iPad or iPhone to be wirelessly connected to ARS to provide an identical picture of what the operator is seeing through ARS on the mobile device – but it also does much more!

Pilot Display can show up to three channels of video, such as the ARS screen, raw video from the camera, hoist cam, etc.  It can also provide navigational cues when flying to a location, a point of interest, or a search pattern. The app can be used by pilots, passengers, VIPs, or any other crew members who may be interested in remotely viewing video from ARS or any of the video channels.

Pilot Display Full-screen video

With Pilot Display, your iPad or iPhone becomes a free secondary monitor – plus much more!





The installation process for Pilot Display requires an aircraft-compatible Wi-Fi router (TPlink or PepWave) connected to your ARS unit, as well as an easy configuration update done via remote session. Contact Churchill Navigation support for assistance.

Download Pilot Display for free at the App Store and install it on your Apple mobile device today!


For more information

Visit our Pilot Display product page or contact us today to learn more or to get started! support@churchillnavigation.com or call (720) 744-3300

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