Mapping Wildfires Live on TV using ARS

Mapping Wildfires Live on TV using ARS

Oklahoma is prone to high winds and dry conditions that can lead to quickly moving wildfires. KWTV News 9 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma recently took to the air to show viewers their cutting-edge technology for mapping wildfires using Churchill Navigation’s augmented reality mapping system (ARS).

Dubbed “Street Scope” for on-air use, ARS provides the CBS-affiliate with the same powerful mapping and augmented reality tools that have proven invaluable for hundreds of law enforcement, fire-fighting, and public-sector customers. All of the tools needed to provide an accurate estimation of the area, speed, and direction of movement of a wildfire are built-into ARS. This information, along with streets and roads, is overlayed on top of live video — giving potentially life-saving context to news coverage of the wildfire, or any other natural disaster.

Fire Mapping Made Easy

Aerial operators can quickly and accurately map the perimeter and area of a fire using a touchscreen display, a keyboard, or the camera itself by simply tracing around what they see. This provides operators with a real-time display of the perimeter and area involved — information that can be broadcast in real-time to viewers or downlinked to authorities in a command center. This real-time mapping, coupled with ARS’s capabilities for measuring speed, direction, and distance, provides information that would otherwise be impossible without this technology. Whether a single fire or a large complex, fire mapping can be completed within a matter of minutes entirely within ARS.

Fire Mapping is Just the Start

ARS is proving to be an indispensable tool for News 9 in all aspects of electronic news gathering. Car chases, traffic reports, and even storm coverage all take on a new level of relate-ability when the viewer can instantly see where the news is taking place. With streets, businesses, addresses, and much more overlayed on top of the live video being collected by the news helicopter, providing the viewer much-needed context has never been easier.

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