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A long morning commute to one of the observatory sites…

ION: Rugged and reliable video recorder for marine applications

ION is a low-cost, multi-channel, high-definition video recorder ideal for use in marine video recording applications. Its compact 5 inch (W) by 7 inch (L) [127 mm by 177.8 mm] design means that ION will fit even the tightest installation locations. Use the built-in 2.15 in [54.61 mm] diagonal, full-color, night vision compliant display or connect ION to any onboard display to get a featured-rich moving map with full-screen video playback and review. Capture and embed important position and other metadata automatically, every time, directly into the video recordings.

  • Use inexpensive SD or USB memory to capture hours of HD quality video with metadata.
  • Never miss the action – ION’s video buffer captures video prior to the record button being pressed.
  • Playback and review while recording. See something and want a closer look? Pause and replay while you are still recording.
  • Using composite video? Convert your legacy camera system to support the latest digital standards through ION.
  • Capture recordings with position information that can be integrated with
  • Night vision compatible screen and backlit buttons.
  • Upgradable to use zoomable moving maps with nautical charts.

Lots of features. Compact design.

Thanks to its versatile and rugged design, ION can be mounted into almost any configuration, reliably recording any type of mission that requires video recording.

Ideal for console-mounted installations, ION provides the crew with everything they need to control video recordings in one consolidated piece of onboard technology. The 5 inch (W) by 7 inches (L) [127 mm by 177.8 mm] design means that ION will fit well within the footprint of existing older recording equipment.

ION ISD view showing compact design

Need a custom element-proof enclosure or specialized mounting hardware? No problem – we’ll help you customize your installation setup to meet your needs.

Tested to hold up against rigorous DO-160 standards, ION can take the punishment, vibration, and environmental challenges of even the toughest installations.

Built with a modular design in mind, multiple ION units can be stacked for an almost limitless number of recording options.

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Go Ahead, Press Record

Recording Time Infographic

You shouldn’t have to miss the action because you were worried about saving precious drive space. ION uses consumer-grade, off the shelf, class 4 (or higher) SD and USB memory — It’s easy and inexpensive to acquire. Recording roughly 4GB of high definition video per hour, ION can record one or several missions to low-cost, highly portable media meaning you won’t break the bank while recording the bank robbery!

ION’s recordable media drives are hot-swappable and expandable up to and beyond 1TB. So, go on, record whatever you want, whenever you want.

We’re passionate about making you look great

At Churchill Navigation, we take our relationship with every customer very seriously. That’s why we offer unrivaled customer service and support. We know that your mission demands your full attention so why worry about software updates or equipment support contracts?

Never pay for support or product updates again.


With ION you get:

  • 3 year hardware warranty
  • 1 year money-back guarantee
  • 24 hour replacement for USA customers, expedited shipping worldwide
  • Free support and software updates

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