Augmented Reality for Broadcast News

Cutting-edge technology makes the news more relevant and relatable than ever before.

“It is mind-blowing what this can do.”
— KWTV Chief Meteorologist David Payne


BEAR: Broadcast Electronics Augmented Reality

BEAR, Churchill Navigation’s Augmented Reality Mapping System for broadcast news, was designed especially for the Electronic News Gathering industry. BEAR delivers industry-leading, real-time augmented reality features and capabilities to create unsurpassed relevancy for your viewers, engaging your audience like never before.

  • View streets, businesses, trails, points-of-interest, and just about any other geographical element on live video
  • Directly enter and navigate to coordinates regardless of coordinate system format
  • Create, modify, and combine polygons
  • Eliminate the need for stand-alone video recorders with ARS’s built-in recording capability
  • Reduce operator workload by creating on-the-fly search patterns and shapes and letting ARS automatically steer the camera
  • Playback and review while recording. See something and want a closer look? Pause and replay while you are still recording
  • Lifetime software updates and an industry-leading 100% satisfaction guarantee

Create Unsurpassed Viewer Relevancy & Relatability

The unrivaled vantage point provided by airborne video has become the standard for major Electronic News Gathering (ENG) organizations worldwide. However, without familiar landmarks including addresses or even street names, airborne shots often lack context, making it difficult for viewers to relate to what they are seeing… Until now.

Churchill Navigation’s augmented reality solution for broadcast gives airborne video relevancy and relatability by overlaying the information essential for building context. Streets, addresses, businesses, and much more can be shown directly onto the aircraft’s live broadcast feed. Now, viewers can know exactly where news is taking place and quickly determine how it impacts them, creating an unsurpassed level of viewer immersion.

In the aircraft or in the control room, operators can interact with the live airborne video and have full control over what is shown on the broadcast feed. Precisely measure and display speed and distance. Calculate the exact the area of a wildfire, oil spill, or any other disaster.  Highlight, draw, spot-shadow, spot zoom, and much more — Churchill Navigation gives you a full suite of technology to provide your news team and your viewers with an unmatched level of immersion in the story.

Engage Your Audience Like Never Before

Drive audience engagement whether covering car chases, fires, traffic, weather and natural disasters, or any other type of news. By overlaying critical contextual information like roads, businesses, annotations, and much more directly onto the live broadcast feed, viewers can know exactly where news is taking place and quickly determine how it impacts them.

Telestrate, Annotate, Highlight and More

Live, on-air, day or night, highlighting the important aspects of a story has never been easier. Choose from several styles, colors, and formats to highlight and annotate live video. Freehand telestration as well as tools for drawing lines, circles, squares, and polygons are all included. Now, you can tell the story in a way where viewers know exactly where news is taking place and how it impacts their lives.

Backed by our World-Class Service and Support

The system interfaces with most broadcast-quality airborne cameras including those from GSS, Cineflex and Shotover and is backed by Churchill Navigation’s world-class service and support. This includes our industry-leading, 1 year, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, as well as free software updates and free technical support.

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