Congratulations to SpaceX on their return to space!

Congratulations to SpaceX on their return to space!

On January 14, SpaceX successfully completed the insertion of 10 Iridium Next satellites into orbit and nailed the first stage booster landing on an autonomous drone barge to mark their fifth successful recovery of a booster. Churchill Navigation was pleased to play a part in this story — an ION digital video recorder, connected to a FLIR SC8300 MWIR camera, was used to record telescopic thermal imagery from a Vandenberg AFB tracking station for post-mission analysis.


ION has Built-in Flexibility for Range Operations

The ION DVR is equipped with a variety of inputs making it suitable for range operations. These inputs include IRIG-B, HD-SDI, Camera Link, and GigE for video, as well as Ethernet and serial ports for recording telemetry and metadata. For more information, please contact Erin Murphy at (720) 943-4277 or visit our ION product homepage.


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