Churchill Navigation is like a startup (small, fast growing, use and develop the latest technologies) except that:

1) We aren’t building some silly app or trivial web site — we work on “real” problems with hard real-time requirements. If you are a game programmer or wore out your copy of “Introduction to Algorithms”, you’ll like it here. If you tend to do a lot of copy-and-pasting code from the Internet that you don’t really understand, the chances are you won’t.

2) We are profitable (unlike, say, Twitter – ever). Know how you know that people like what you are doing? Because they will PAY you for it. Crazy, huh? Actually making money means we aren’t disappearing anytime soon, and we get to build even more cool stuff.

We specialize in airborne augmented reality, 3D mapping and enhancing full-motion video — you can get an idea of what our product does by checking our Latest News and our Gallery.

Our customers include 3-letter agencies around the world, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue, Wildlife, Environmental and Disaster Damage Assessment, and a wide variety of companies who use gyro-stabilized camera systems. We are a small, highly product & engineering-centric organization that does exceptionally well in the spaces we compete in and are always looking for sharp folks.

We like bright people who want to create solutions to complex problems. No “managers” need apply … only fun, creative, smart, self-managed, get-it-done people who thrive in a start-up atmosphere with other passionate people. Working here means spending your time programming and working on interesting projects and not being managed with meetings and status reports.

Our place is a fun, well-lit office in beautiful and sunny Boulder, Colorado right next to the Valmont Bike Park and Boulder Creek trail system with landscaping, large windows, fully-stocked refrigerator, company-paid lunch, health insurance, shower facilities, and plenty of open office space for scooter races. All employees have access in off-hours to our electronics lab, drones, machine shop, radio equipment, 3D printer and laser engraver, as well as many of the other high-tech “toys” we regularly work with.

Churchill Navigation is an equal opportunity employer.