ARS Plays Role in Active-Shooter Response Preparation

Airborne law enforcement can be critical in protecting our schools and communities from the threat of an active-shooter. But the tactical vantage point provided by the aircraft can be obscured by rooftops and the building itself. This makes pinpointing the exact location of the threat in a building or on campus a challenge.

The Riverside Police Aviation Unit in Riverside, CA recently became the first airborne law enforcement unit in the county to use augmented reality map overlays to address this challenge.

Using Churchill Navigation’s Augmented Reality Mapping Software (ARS), the Riverside Police Aviation Unit worked with local school resource officers to map the layout of every public and private school in the community.

Now, when the aircrew responds to a call, the video from the camera in the aircraft can be overlaid in ARS with a real-time map of the campus or building’s floorplan. The operator can toggle the overlay on or off as needed to coordinate the response from units on the ground, setup a perimeter, or assist those in harm’s way.

With information about the situation often coming from those inside the building, knowing the exact location of each building, classroom, hallway, and office lets airborne law enforcement pinpoint the threat from above – potentially shaving critical seconds or even minutes off the response to an active-shooter situation.

Trevor B

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