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Augmented Reality Mapping
for Military & Unmanned Aerial Systems

The Churchill Navigation Augmented Reality System (ARS) is a TRL 9 flight proven Mission Management System able to be easily customized to interface to a wide range of equipment, signals and to display necessary information for the latest in situational awareness and decision making. The system includes high resolution imagery, DTED data, 3D map imagery, inclusion of NIMA and NGA data and can display a wide range of geo-located points be that various targets, refuel locations, areas of interest, or friendly or not so friendly forces. ARS overlays information such as ADS-B traffic locations, weather, RADAR targets, and BFT icons on top of real time EO/IR video, giving users selectable and accurate layers of data to aid in split second decision making.

All information can be presented and controlled from a single screen saving reducing space, weight and power (SWAP), and keeping the operator focused on the target.

  • Digital Moving Map / Mission Computer  with built-in Cursor on Target (COT) and MTI integration.
  • Display EO/IR camera’s line of sight and field of view information on-screen.
  • Terrain avoidance features on top of live video or overlaid over a map (topographic, aerial imagery, etc.).
  • Integration with radio/mesh networks, ADS-B, RADAR, and AIS data type information.
  • DO-160 certified.
  • Lifetime software updates and an industry-leading 100% satisfaction guarantee
Comprehensive GIS, Imagery & Map Databases
Extensive Integration Capabilities
World-class Customer Service & Support


Satisfaction Guaranteed

UAS and Optionally Piloted Aircraft

Utilizing a bidirectional data-link the ARS system can be installed in the UAS/UAV and controlled from the ground. The system can be used to steer the camera to specific locations.

The video and information can be recorded and down-linked back to the ground for up to the minute analysis and review. The entire mission can be controlled and reviewed from an operational command center, on-ground.


We’re passionate about making you look great

At Churchill Navigation, we build our technology to help make you look like rockstars. Here’s some of the ways we do that:

  • Keep your eyes on the target with augmented reality mapping — See mission-critical information in real-time, over live video.
  • Be the location expert even in unfamiliar terrain with our extensive mapping database.
  • Integrated addresses, roads, trails, and even custom maps provide exact location certainty.
  • Precisely identify the target based on name, location, or coordinates — and mark and save any location you see on screen with ease.
  • Record the action in HD video, save and email screenshots, and control downlink systems all from the same screen.

World-class Customer Service & Support

We know that your mission demands your full attention so why worry about software updates or equipment support contracts?

With ARS you get a level of customer service unmatched in the industry:

    • Free technical support – Call or email anytime with direct access to our software and hardware engineers.
    • Training – Performed at your site with no charge for our travel expenses and time.
    • Customization – Please tell us about your cool ideas and integration needs!
    • Free software updates – When all our customers have the latest features, everybody benefits.
    • Map updates – There is no charge for our maps and we will also install your provided map updates.
    • Hardware warranty – Included three-year hardware warranty. Extendable coverage available.
    • No hassle warranty replacement – If we cannot resolve your issue, we will send you a replacement system overnight.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, return the ARS unit within the first year and we’ll give you your money back.

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