ION Geospatial Video Recorder

ION: The Next Generation of Video Recording

Compact, lightweight, and versatile geospatial video recorder.

Explore some of ION’s uses:

Flexibility is a standard feature

Designed and built in Colorado, USA, ION features a compact and rugged solid-state design. The 2.15” [54.61 mm] diagonal, full-color, night vision compliant display provides more screen real estate than any other geospatial video recorder in its class. Not only does the display allow you to see your video channels in real-time, but you can also monitor recordings and review video on the device.

Simultaneously record to any available media device, USB or SD, or stack multiple ION units for an almost limitless array of recording options.

Know everything about the where, when, and how your video was captured: KLV / STANAG 4609 compliant metadata is automatically embedded in your video.

Enable real-time video streaming from the ION to ground stations, tablets, or mobile devices when paired with a cellular modem and Churchill Navigation’s Earthscape video portal.

ION Back View HD-SDI in, HD-SDI out, Analog, geospatial recordings

Backed by Unrivaled Service & Support

At Churchill Navigation, we take our relationship with every customer very seriously. That’s why we offer unrivaled customer service and support. We know that your mission demands your full attention so why worry about software updates or equipment support contracts?

Never pay for support or product updates again.


With ION you get:

  • 3 year hardware warranty
  • 1 year money-back guarantee
  • 24 hour replacement for USA customers, expedited shipping worldwide
  • Free support and software updates

Technical Information

Have questions about the connectors, wiring recommendations, or installation? You’ll find the information on our specifications page.

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