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Augmented Reality: Better In Every Way


ARS overlays address information, parcel data, business names, aerial imagery and any other GIS directly over EO/IR video in real time. By merging live video with synthetic imagery, our Augmented Reality capability improves situational awareness by overcoming the “soda-straw” effect of the camera’s field of view.

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Our Augmented Reality System has quickly become the de-facto standard in Law Enforcement and is delivered as a turn-key solution, pre-installed on our custom-designed hardware. We have also created the world’s best moving map solution, highly suitable for non-law enforcement markets. We produce all of our software and hardware at our headquarters in Colorado.

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Our systems are currently in use by Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Emergency Management Services, Homeland Security, Fire and Wildlife, Public Utilities and Military agencies throughout the world.

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ION – The Next Generation of Video Recording

ION is the latest product from Churchill Navigation and leverages our years of experience providing HD, Multi-channel video recording capabilities that are built into ARS.  ION is priced at $9,500 and includes a 3 year warranty.


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The tougher the better. We love doing what everyone else thinks is impossible. Our engineers are crazy that way.
If you are crazy that way too, consider joining us!

Experience to Count On

Churchill Navigation is a dynamic organization with a heavy focus on software engineering and customer satisfaction. Our staff is comprised of 85% senior level engineers, well versed in software, hardware, aerospace design and electronics. They have years of hands-on integration experience and a vast knowledge of the systems and signals that ARS communicates with.

ARS and its software can be easily customized to add additional interfaces and control of external systems, customized map and overlay data or a wide range of customized features. ARS is supported throughout the installation, training and after installation by members of our engineering staff.

Since the introduction to market, the system has been consistently enhanced based on requests from our customers. Churchill Navigation has continued to develop ARS and constantly stays ahead of the market in both capabilities and support.

It is due to this structure, the support of our systems in the field and attention to our customers’ needs, that has made ARS the best Mission Management Mapping system available.

  • We think back to where we were at a couple of years ago and we question ourselves of how did we ever do this job before we had this system because it’s made our life simpler, it’s made us respond faster and its even made things safer for us because we’re giving accurate descriptions of locations of where we are working or maybe where our officers need to be. Huge life saver.

    Captain Frank Peck
    NE State Patrol
  • ARS made us look like rock stars

    Lt. Mike Ingram
    Pasadena Police
  • ARS allows our TFOs to focus on the mission and tactics instead of navigating, substantially reducing their workload. Now streets, addresses and business names are displayed right on the camera image, allowing the TFO to always keep eyes on the target while knowing their exact location at all times. ARS takes all the guesswork out of navigating and identifying addresses, it’s the next step in the evolution of ALE mapping systems.

    Deputy Rob Gross
    San Juan County Sheriff
  • We have always viewed technology as a means to an end — that ‘end’ is helping officers do their jobs better and look like rock stars in the air.

    Tom Churchill
    CEO Churchill Navigation